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JOIN US! - 8th ESPCOP Meeting

Espcop 2017 event






In November this year, the 8th annual scientific meeting of the European Society for the Peri-operative Care of the Obese Patient, (ESPCOP 2017), will be held in the city centre of Bucharest, Romania. Bucharest was known as “The Paris of the East” and we hope you will join us and be able to see why. This meeting will run on the Friday 3rd and Saturday the 4th of November, and the main theme of this year’s meeting will be Airway Management in the Obese.
Eastern Europe has not been spared from the “globesity” endemic, and many centres for bariatric surgery and anaesthesia are active in the region. In order to give an update and overview of all the keys points in the perioperative management of the morbidly obese patient, suitable for any anaesthetist who works with morbidly obese patients – which today is all of us – We start the main meeting on Friday 3rd November ESPCOP with the fundamental course “Key Issues in the peri-operative care in the obese patient”. This series of short, sharp lectures covers all the key aspects of pre-op assessment, intra-operative anaesthesia and post-operative care of the Morbidly Obese. In addition we will be linked with a live session on opioid free anaesthesia.
The day before the Key Issues meeting, on Thursday the 2nd, there will be a pre-congress course, an airway workshop to practice advanced and rescue airway techniques on a live animal model (anaesthetized pigs). This will offer an hands-on experience of a wide variety of airway management devices and techniques of use when faced with a difficult airway, with specific reference to the morbidly obese patient. Places will be limited and early booking is advised.
For our main Scientific Session on the Saturday, ESPCOP has joined forces with an international panel of invited speakers from specialist societies including the Society for Airway Management (SAM from the USA), the European Airway Management Society (EAMS) and obesity societies such as SOBA from the UK and the US Obesity Anaesthesia Society, ISPCOP. This all-day scientific meeting will be dedicated to the respiratory challenges, airway and ventilatory management of the obese patient. Each of these topics will be discussed with reference to the operating room, intensive care unit and the emergency department.
More details, including registration information, will be available on our regularly updated website
We hope that our exciting and interactive scientific program, together with a lively and enjoyable social program, will encourage you to come and join us between 2nd -4th November 2017 in the heart of the city of Bucharest, Romania.
Save the date, and don’t forget to bring loads of garlic.
Kind regards, on behalf of the ESPCOP board members and faculty,
Luc De Baerdemaeker
President ESPCOP
Daniela Godoroja
Organizer and Secretary ESPCOP


The 8th annual meeting which will be held between 2nd -4th  November  at Novotel Bucharest City Centre Hotel offers you a chance to be in the very heart  of  Bucharest city.

As usual, the ESPCOP meeting will be a friendly meeting allowing education, discussion, and networking with doctors interested in  safe and best practice anaesthesia and peri-operative care for overweight and morbidly obese patients. The organisers are planning an exciting Scientific Program, which will bring together international reputable speakers.

Scientific Committee

Luc de Baerdemaeker, MD, PhD (Belgium)
Daniela Godoroja, MD (Romania)
Mike Margarson, MD (UK)
Jan Mulier, MD, PhD (Belgium)
Massimiliano Sorbello,  MD (Italy)


Vassilis Athanassoglou (UK)
Luc De Baerdemaeker (Belgium)
Lauren Berkow (USA)
Serban Bubenek (Romania)
Ruggero Corso (Italy)
Jonathan Cousins (UK)
Ida di Giacinto (Italy)
Tomasz Gaszynski (Poland)
Daniela Godoroja (Romania)
Michal Horáček (Czech Republic)
David Lacquiere (UK)
Mike Margarson (UK)
Jan Mulier (Belgium)
Flavia Petrini (Italy)
Tatjiana S Pintaric (Slovenia)
Thomas Riva (Switzerland)
Dorel Sandesc (Romania)
Massimiliano Sorbello (Italy)
Anu Wadhwa (USA)





Airway Workshop

Day One – Thursday 2nd November 2017



Co-ordinators:        Daniela Godoroja:
Massimiliano Sorbello :
Mike Margarson:


Learning objectives:

The Difficult Airway Workshop will provide anaesthetists and interested emergency medicine doctors with an overview of current concepts and devices available in the management of airway emergencies and review the algorithms and recognized pathways for dealing with complex airway management.
The session focus will be airway management in the obese patient
Upon completion of this activity, participants will improve their practice in the following high risk areas:

1.  Difficult airway and awake intubation

  • When and how to perform a stress-free awake intubation using videolaryngoscopes or flexible fiberscopes
  • Identify indications, contraindications, complications, and most appropriate techniques used in local anesthesia for the airway in anticipation of awake airway management

2.  Videolaryngoscopy

  • Review the different Videolaryngoscope devices and techniques and their role in Morbidly Obese Intubation in accordance with ASA and DAS algorithms

3.  Flexible fiberscope use

  • Identify the correct situations for the use of flexible fiberoptic or fiberoptic-like intubating scopes, including the indications, contraindications, and complications.
  • Develop skills including insertion of fiberscopes
  • Develop a combination strategy for a failed airway technique. Use of a rigid laryngoscope to open a path for a fiberscope; use of a fibrescope in combination with supraglottic airways and intubating SGA for ETT exchange.

3.  Safe extubation and the airway exchange catheter

  • When and how to use airway exchange catheters and when not to use them..

4.  Lung isolation

  • learn and practice lung separation techniques in airway simulators
  • use of bronchial blockers and options for lung separation in the face of difficult airways.

5.  Failed airway and open cricothyroidotomy

  • Review the indications for emergency surgical airway management in relation to the recognised difficult airway algorithms.
  • Describe the differences between elective tracheostomy and emergency surgical cricothyroidotomy in airway management.
  • List and characterize the various forms of emergency surgical airway, including trans-tracheal jet ventilation and insertion of an endotracheal tube through a cricothyroidotomy;
  • Identify and describe the anatomical landmarks for carrying out a needle or surgical cricothyroidotomy and perfom these techniques on porcine models
  • Understand difficulties and identify complications of these techniques in morbidly obese patients

NEW- Hands-on with THRIVE (Transnasal Humidified Rapid-Insufflation Ventilatory Exchange) and Pre-oxygenation




08:30 - 09:00    Welcome & Introduction Overview of the Techniques and Allocation to workstations

09:00 – 13:00    Part 1

13:15 - 14:00     LUNCH

14:00 - 16:30     Part 2

16:30 - 17:00    Q&A and Interactive Quiz


Workstation One


  • C-MAC,
  • VLM  Total Track
  • McGrath


  • BONFILS-Retromolar Intubation Endoscope

Workstations Two to Seven

Experimental laboratory  -training  on anesthetized pigs


  • Flexible Intubation Video Endoscope
  • Cook Airway Exchange Catheters


  • Aintree Intubation Catheter
  • Arndt Airway Exchange Catheters
  • Airway exchangers


  • Bronchial blockers


  • Needle and surgical

Workstation Eight

  • Needle Cricothyroidotomy 
  • Melker Cricothyrodotomy Universal Emergency Set
  • Surgical Cricothyroidotomy –Scalpel –Bougie technique


Chairmen: Daniela Godoroja & Massimiliano Sorbello


LDB - Luc De Baerdemaeker - Gent, Belgium

LB - Lauren Berkow - Gainesville,USA

TG - Tomasz Gaszynski - Lodz, Poland

DG - Daniela Godoroja - Bucharest, Romania

DL - David Lacquiere - Abergavenny, UK

MM - Mike Margarson - Chichester, UK

MS - Massimiliano Sorbello - Catania,Italy

GC - Genoveva Cadar - Bucharest, Romania

BG - Bogdan Grigorescu - Bucharest, Romania

SN - Silvius Negoita - Bucharest, Romania

DU - Dan Ulmeanu - Bucharest, Romania


Fundamental Principles of Anaesthesia for the Morbidly Obese Patient

Day Two - Friday 3rd November 2017

Co-ordinators: Daniela Godoroja:
Mike Margarson;

Learning objectives:

This course will cover the fundamental topics on obesity and anaesthesia. It involves understanding disease processes and consequences, the impact of obesity on the cardiovascular, respiratory system and on the pharmacology of anaesthetic drugs. Other topics covered will include:  The metabolic syndrome, OSAS/OHS, fasting guidelines, preoperative assessment and risk reduction strategies, airway and ventilation issues, postoperative analgesia and regional anaesthesia.


08:20 - 09:30 - Introduction & Background    
- Why we run this course – and why in Romania? Dorel Sandesc 13
- Intro & Structure of the Day: Theatre live link Visit 1 D.Godoroja  & Jan Mulier in OR) 13
- BMI & Fat Distribution M.Margarson 13
- Drug Dosing in the Morbidly Obese L.DeBaerdemaeker 13
- Questions and discussion   10
09:30 - 10:30 - The Impact of Obesity    
- The Metabolic Syndrome J.Cousins 13
- Cardiovascular Effects of Obesity Serban Bubenek 13
- Respiratory Effects of Obesity T.Gaszynski 13
- Questions and discussion -Theatre live link Visit II (Jan in OR) 10
10:30 - 11:00 - MORNING COFFEE BREAK    
11:00 - 12:00 - Sleep Apnoea and Cardiopulmonary Assessment  
- Pathophysiology and Mechanisms J.Cousins 13
- Screening and Treatment M.Margarson 13
- Cardiac Risk and Assessment L.DeBaerdemaeker 13
- Questions and discussion   10
12:00 - 13:00 - Airways and Ventilation    
- Fundamentals of Airway & Ventilation – a preview M Margarson 13
- The pneumoperitoneum T.Gaszynski 13
- Post-op care and Thromboprophylaxis Ida di Giacinto 13
- Questions and discussion   10
13:00 - 13:50 - LUNCH    
13:50-15:00 Anaesthetic systems & special cases    
- Monitoring the Obese patient – what’s new? Michal Horacek 13
- The Ideal Analgesic technique? L.DeBaerdemaeker 13
- The Ideal Anaesthetic technique?  J.Cousins 13
- Live Feed highlights and discussion Jan Mulier 25
15:00 – 15:30 AFTERNOON TEA BREAK    
15:30 – 16:30 Special Cases    
-   The Challenges of Regional techniques in Obesity. D.Godoroja 13
-   Obese children – difficult to anaesthetise ?  Thomas Riva 13
- Obese Parturient anaesthesia Tatjiana S Pintaric 13
- Questions and discussion   10
16:30-17:00 - MCQ’s: questions and answers - Interactive Voting using Kahoot  
- Chairmen: Mike Margarson, Daniela Godoroja, Dorel Sandesc 30
- Panel of Speakers..    



Ldb - Luc De Baerdemaeker - Gent, Belgium

SB - Serban Bubenek - Bucharest, Romania

JC - Jonathan Cousins - London, UK

IdG - Ida di Giacinto - Bologna, Italy

TG - Tomasz Gaszynski - Lodz, Poland

DG - Daniela Godoroja - Bucharest, Romania

MH - Michal Horáček - Prague, Czech Republic

MM - Mike Margarson - Chichester, UK

JM - Jan Mulier - Brugge, Belgium

TSP - Tatjiana S Pintaric - Ljubljana, Slovenia

TR - Thomas Riva - Bern, Switzerland

DS - Dorel Sandesc - Timisoara, Romania


Airway management and ventilation for obese patient in anaesthesia, intensive care unit and emergency department

Day Three - Saturday 4th November 2017


Daniela Godoroja
Luc de Baerdemaeker



08:00   Welcome and Introduction to the day            Daniela Godoroja (RO) - Luc de Baerdemaeker (B)       5 mins


What’s New in Managing the Airway?

08:10   Airway Assessment in the Obese                                Anu Wadwha  (US)      17 mins

08:30   The role of ultrasound in airway assessment    Vassilis Athanassoglou (UK)    17 mins

08:50   Videolaryngoscopy for every Obese Patient?                        David Laquiere  (UK)   17 mins

09:10   Atelectasis and PEEP                                                   Jan Mulier  (B)                        17 mins

09:30   Extubation  guidelines                                                            Ruggero Corso  (I)       17 mins


09:50   The Big Airway Debate – Round One

             “Laparoscopic surgery in the Morbidly Obese: There is no role for Supra-Glottic devices” 

            For:  Anu Wadwha (US)                       (8 mins)

Against:  Tomasz Gaszynski (PL)         (8 mins)


10:15 – 10:45 Morning Break


High Flow Nasal Oxygen for All?

10:45   Pre-oxygenation: When Who and How?                   Luc de Baerdemaeker (B)            17mins

11:05   HFNO: Principles of THRIVE                                        Mike Margarson (UK) 17 mins

11:25   HFNO in the Obese: Studies & Questions                   Jon Cousins  (UK)         17 mins

11:45   Mini THRIVE -What can we learn from Paeds

HFNO on PICU?                                                           Thomas Riva  (CH)      17 mins


12:05   Three best Scientific Abstracts Prize Competition                                                                 (3 x 8 mins)


12:35   The Big Airway Debate – Round Two

             “Suxamethonium no longer has a role in Obesity Anaesthesia”

            For:  Jan Mulier  (B)                            (8 mins)  

Against:  Jon Cousins  (UK)                  (8 mins)



13:00-14:00 Lunch break       

Plan D – Surgical Airways

14:00   Interactive case presentation                 Lauren Berkow  (US)     17  mins

14:20   Surgical Airways and FONA                    Daniela Godoroja  (RO) 17 mins

14:40   Critical Moments with Obese Airway in the ICU       Max Sorbello  (I)         17 mins


15:00   The Big Airway Debate – Round Three

            “Needle, not Surgical Crico-thyroidotomy, should be the default Plan D in Obese”

            For:  Vassilis Athanassoglou  (UK)       (8 mins)

Against:  Max  Sorbello  (I)                 (8 mins)


15:25 – 15:50 Afternoon Tea break


Future Directions

15:50   Weighing up the weight of recommendations in obese patients:

The SIAARTI Consensus Document                 Flavia Petrini  (I)                     17 mins


16:10   Keynote lecture

Difficult Airway Teams to the Rescue – Experiences with a Multidisciplinary Airway Team”  - Lauren Berkow  (US) - 22 mins



16:35   Presentation of Academic Prizes and Live Draw for iPad


16:45   Close of Meeting 



LDB - Luc De Baerdemaeker - Gent, Belgium

LB - Lauren Berkow - Gainesville,USA

JC - Jonathan Cousins - London, UK

TG - Tomasz Gaszynski - Lodz, Poland

DG - Daniela Godoroja - Bucharest, Romania

DL - David Lacquiere - Abergavenny, UK

MM - Mike Margarson - Chichester, UK

JM - Jan Mulier - Brugge, Belgium

SB - Serban Bubenek - Bucharest, Romania

MH - Michal Horáček - Prague, Czech Republic

TR - Thomas Riva - Bern, Switzerland

TSP - Tatjiana S Pintaric - Ljubljana, Slovenia

RC - Ruggero Corso - Forli,Italy

IDG - Ida di Giacinto - Bologna,Italy

FP - Flavia Petrini - Pescara,Italy

MS - Massimiliano Sorbello - Catania, Italy

AW - Anu Wadhwa - Louisville,USA

DS - Dorel Sandesc - Timisoara, Romania

VA - Vassilis Athanassoglou - Oxford, UK


All that are submitting abstracts can benefit from the 
The three top scoring abstracts presented by residents and specialists in first 5 years of activity will receive an ESPCOP Research Award and presentation of their work in a 5 minute oral presentation on Saturday 4th November


All accepted abstracts will be published in Acta Anaesthesiologica Belgica


  • First prize: 400 EURO plus free registration to 9th ESPCOP meeting 2018
  • Second prize: 200 EURO plus free registration to 9th ESPCOP meeting 2018
  • Third prize: 100 EURO plus 1 year free membership in ESPCOP

The best Poster prize - 100 EURO plus free registration to 9th ESPCOP meeting 2018 

The 8th ESPCOP Meeting 2017 Contest

MCQ’s: questions and answers - Interactive Voting using Kahoot and Live Draw for iPad